Reflecting on Evidence-Based Timelines

By E. Bjarnason, A. Hess, R. Berntsson Svensson, B. Regnell, J. Dörr
IEEE Software 2014


Project retrospectives can be a powerful tool for project teams to collectively identify communication gaps and practices that can lead to improvements in future projects. However, even if project members take the time for a project retrospective it can be hard to correctly remember and jointly discuss past events in a constructive way. We suggest enhancing retrospectives with fact-based timelines that visualize the events of a project so called evidence-based timeline retrospectives (EBTR). In this article we present the EBTR method and share benefits and lessons learnt from applying EBTRs in two case studies- projects developing telecommunications software and web-based business applications. Practitioners can use these insights to apply and tailor EBTR to their own specific project context.

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