The Quality Performance Model - QUPER

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A major objective of QUPER is to define a feature prioritization model that includes a third dimension related to quality, in addition to cost and value that are used in prioritization of functional requirements.

The QUPER model has two main concepts: breakpoints and barriers. A breakpoint is an important aspect of the non-linear relation between quality and benefit, while barriers represent an interesting aspect of the non-linear relation between quality and cost.

The two concepts of breakpoints and barriers form the basis of QUPER’s three views: (1) the benefit view, (2) the cost view, and (3) the roadmap view.

The QUPER roadmap view

The roadmap view combines the benefit and cost views by position the breakpoints and barrier together ordered on the same scale. This view enables visualization of benefit breakpoints and cost barriers in relation to the current quality level of a product and the qualities of competing products. This view also combines the notation of targets for coming releases with the aim of supporting roadmapping.

Supporting Roadmapping of Quality Requirements - Björn Regnell from Øredev Conference 2009 on Vimeo.