Bachelor Thesis - Supervised

BT8 - Johan Bjäreholt, "A Quantitative Performance and Efficiency Evaluation of the RISC-V CPU Architecture", Blekinge Institute of Technology 2017

BT7 - Erik Lilja, William Rosander, "Lead time analysis for code changes in a large-scale telecom development environment: An Ericsson case study", Blekinge Institute of Technology 2017 (with Ericsson)

BT6 - Gorges Gorges, Nishandan Kulanthaivetpillai, "Implementing an Augmented Reality application to use on Microsoft Hololens to interact with automotive vehicle objects", Blekinge Institute of Technology 2017 (with a case company)

BT5 - Robin Flygare, Anthon Holmquist, "Performance characteristics between monolithic and microservice-based systems", Blekinge Institute of Technology 2017

BT4 - Stefania Fernandez, "The Use Of Open Innovation In The Requirements Engineering Practice: An Empirical Investigation", University of Gothenburg 2015

BT3 - David Gregory, "Enterprise Resource Planning Adoption For a Small Sized Company", University of Gothenburg 2014

BT2 - Sarah Jamil and Maksims Smirnovs, "A systematic literature review on a managerial strategy 'customer first' in software oriented organizations", University of Gothenburg 2014

BT1 - Marina Bykova, "Implementing agile methodologies in a highly distributed, global enterprise: challenges and improvement proposals - a case study of Ericsson m-commerce", University of Gothenburg 2014 (with Ericsson)