Master Thesis - Supervised

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MT15 - Mikael Motyka "Impact of Usability for Particle Accelerator Software Tools Analyzing Availability and Reliability", Blekinge Institute of Technology 2017 (with a case company)

MT14 - Carl Rapp "Gamification as a tool to encourage eco-driving", Blekinge Institute of Technology 2016 (with a case company)

MT13 - Ali Issa, "Aligning Legacy Requirement Specifications and Semi-automated Testing", Chalmers 2015 (with a case company)

MT12 - Andreea Georgiana Olaru, "Developing and evaluating a tool based on view selection for complex system requirements-to-model mapping: A Design Research", Chalmers 2015 (with a case company)

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MT10 - Abel Antonio Gonzalez Veliz, "Requirements Engineering in Open Innovation and Software Ecosystems", Chalmers 2015

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