PA1412 Practical Requirements Engineering

Course is offered by: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Course responsible: Dr. Richard Berntsson Svensson
Other teachers involved: Dr. Krzysztof Wnuk, Prof. Tony Gorschek
Credits: 7.5 ECTS
Level: Master level (second cycle)
For more information, see: Course syllabus

The major challenge associated with software development is to ensure that the right systems are developed, i.e. requirements engineering. The focus of the course is to enable students to acquire an understanding of how relevant requirements should be collected, and how the requirements are ensured and kept up to date throughout the development process.

Course content:

  • Process for requirements engineering
  • Method for finding the right stakeholders to the system
  • Method for requirements engineering
  • Formulate requirements and write specifications
  • Quality assurance of requirements
  • Connecting requirements and subsequent development phases