In submissions - Journals

Joshi, P, Akbari, A, Berntsson Svensson, R, Impact of Usability on Process Lead-Time in Information Systems: A Case Study, (submitted 2017)

Alahyari, H, Gorschek, T, Berntsson Svensson, R Waste Definition, Elimination and Measurement in Agile Software Development Organizations - a 14 Company Case study, (in revision 2017)

Berntsson Svensson, R, Diener, M, Debbiche, A Requirements Impact on Continuous Integration: A Case Study, (submitted 2017)

Berntsson Svensson, R, Gorschek, T, Bengtsson PO, Widerberg, J BAM - Backlog Assessment Method, (submitted 2017)